waterPROT objectives

1 - Develop novel non-target strategies for protein monitoring in different water matrices including urban sewage, WWTP effluents (treated water) and water at different stages of its treatment.

2 - Characterization of potential biomarker signatures for early epidemiological alerts and event follow up by correlating population and human health, habits, and activities with sewage protein profiles at different geographical sites.

3 - Establish a set of protein biomarkers that can improve the understanding of global change in wastewater and its impact in water resources and the associated aquatic ecosystems.

4 - Development of tools for assessment of the efficiency of wastewater treatment by monitorization of samples at WWTP influent and effluent waters. Prediction of potential environment effects related to the emission and uses of the treated water.

funded projects: PID2020-114065RB-C21 and PID2020-114065RB-C22

Main contact:
Carrer Emili Grahit, 101, Edifici H2O,
Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitat de Girona
Tel (+34) 972 18 33 80  

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